1. Using Smoker and do a reverse sear on the steak.
  • To do this you run your smoker in the indirect method.
  • Run your smoker between 200°F/95°C. - 250°F/120°C.
  • Using an internal temperature prob cook your steak to your liking. remove your steak 5deg before desired temperature.
  • Rest your steak for at least 10 minutes.
  • During you rest time remove the baffle plate out of the bottom of the smoker and replace with Char grill.
  • Build your fire up high and close the smoker and allow the temperature raise well into the red on the smoker.
  • After resting you are ready to sear, make sure you have a lot of flame in the ozpig.
  • Now place your steak on the char grill and sear to your liking on all side.
  • Remember your steak is already cooked so you only need to sear the out side and warm the steak.
2. Using Char grill over the ozpig
  • Ensure that you have a large bed of hot coals in the ozpig belly ( you can achieve this by adding charcoal to your fire).
  • Making sure you don't have excessive flame, place your char grill and drip tray on the ozpig and allow to heat up. 
  • Using moderate heat, place your steak on the char grill ( moderate heat can be achieved with a large bed of coals and one piece of timber alight).
  • With thick steak it is important to flip your steak often to ensure the juices stay inside the steak 
  • Cook to desired temperature, make sure to remove from the heat at least 3 deg before desired temperature as the it will continue to cook.
  • Take the steak off the heat and allow to rest to ensure juicy steak ( good rule of thumb is to allow half the cook time.
Here is a video on this technique

Internal Temperature for Steak °C
Bleu : 26°-38°C
Rare : 49°-51°C 
Medium Rare : 55°-57°C 
Medium : 60°-63°C 
Medium Well : 65°-69°C 
Well Done : 71°C 
Internal Temperature for Steak °F
Bleu : 80°-100°F
Rare : 120°-125°F
Medium Rare : 130°-135°F
Medium : 140°-145°F
Medium Well : 150°-155°F
Well Done : 160°-175°F