Following these few key pointers will help you to get the most from your Ozpig when using it for heating. While the Ozpig is an efficient 360 degree heater it's only natural that the majority of the heat will come out of the front with the door open. 

  • For best results always use with the door open while sitting in front of it. 
  • Closing the top BBQ plate will push more heat out the front which is best for 2 or 3 people sitting in front. Conversely leaving the top open with the BBQ plate swiveled to the side will allow a larger fire with more 360 degree warmth for a larger crowd.
  • Firewood quality will also play a role in how warm your fire is, try to use a good quality hardwood that produces long burning high heat coals.
  • Ozpig positioning is also very important, if possible a marquee with walls to trap the heat in is very useful, or if at home a house or patio wall can direct heat back onto you.
  • It may be necessary use a wind break when in open windy areas to prevent the heat been blown away. A sheet of corrugated iron or other non-combustible material behind the Ozpig or behind the crowd can hold heat in.