Starting on your smoking journey? Or need some helpful tips and tricks on perfecting the smoking technique? 

Below is a helpful video on perfecting pulled pork in the Ozpig- Oven Smoker. The video contains Ben Arnot's version of a perfect marriage between pulled pork and sweet flavors. Here are the take away points from the video.  


Enjoy the video.



Preparing the meat

The first stage and perhaps the most vital stage to perfecting pulled pork is in preparing the meat. The key factors in this stage that are to be noted are; cut off any loose pieces of pork that overhang, pork LOVES sweet flavours and the importance of applying the rub without any binding agents. Applying the rub without any binding agents prevents any extra cost and unnecessary mess, the natural moisture from the pork itself binds the rub to the meat. 


Building the fire

For this process the use of lump charcoal and cherry wood are required, as the lump charcoal has minimal processing and the cherry wood smokiness will not overpower the pork. The smoker will need to run at 275 Fahrenheit in order to provide optimal pleasure from the pork. 

Controlling the fire

In order for a successful pulled pork venture it is paramount that the Ozpig- Vented door is accessorized. By using the vented door and the chimney dampener it enables the Ozpig and the Smoker to achieve required temperature fast. 

The cooking process

With the smoker at 275 Fahrenheit, the pork will need to hit about 190-203 Fahrenheit internally before you start probing for tenderness. After 4 hours or at 160 Fahrenheit bring the pork out and wrap in aluminium foil with butter, maple syrup and brown sugar. Then place back into the smoker and cook to tenderness.


The rest:

When the pulled pork is between 190-203 Fahrenheit and probing tender, remove from the smoker and place into a dry esky with towel over the top and let rest. Remove the pork and start pulling apart. After pulling the pork apart, pour the juices back on top and enjoy!