The Ozpig series 1 is the flagship model that kick started the Ozpig phenomenon well over a decade ago. Over the years the standard Ozpig has seen some subtle refinement in it's design resulting in increased usability. A redesigned chimney lead the way in the rise of series 2 along with an upgrade of included accessories for no extra cost to the buyer.  

The standard Ozpig is best described as an allrounder, designed with the perfect mix of portability, versatility, fuel efficiency, warmth and most importantly, STRENGTH. We are proud of our products ability to withstand the harsh Aussie environment. This model of 'pig is equally impressive whether set up at home or at your favourite campsite. It's small and light enough to store in the 4wd or caravan yet large and sturdy enough to cook up a feast for the hungry hordes. But it's not all about food, when the growling of the hungry bellies have ceased, kick off the BBQ plates and spend time with family and friends in absolute warmth while the crackling of the fire provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation and conversation. 

You’ll love the ability to customise your Ozpig to suit your needs with a vast range of accessories to choose from. Accessories are compatible with both series 1 and 2.

Available Compatible Accessories

- Extension legs

- Heat diffuser

- Offset chimney

- Char grill and stainless steel drip tray

- Wok

- Vented door

- Smoker-oven

- Heat bead basket

- Tool rack

- Extra chimney pieces

- Custom fit cover

- Large warming plate

- Travelling carry bag 

- Rotisserie kit

- Big Boar Kettle

- Ash tray