The Ozpig is a true blue Aussie invention created by a family with a love of the great outdoors. Hearty appetites and a passion for travel inspired the Shepherd family to develop a portable, multipurpose cooker that boasts endless cooking options. At the same time they also wanted the ambience of an open fire and a versatile heater that could be used on their outdoor adventures. The result was the Ozpig. 

Named after its solid design and squat shape Ozpig is robust, ingenious and versatile. Plus its raised, off-the-ground design means it can be used in many locations where an open fire is not permitted. (However, we always recommend you check local regulations).

Mounted on stable legs, Ozpig lets you cook up a storm without bending over a campfire, while the compact chimney directs smoke away from all the action. Plus Ozpig is much more flexible than a BBQ enabling you to enjoy baking, chargrilling, deep-frying, wok cooking, rotisserie roasting or just boiling the kettle for a cuppa.

Fire up the fuel-efficient Ozpig using your choice of easy-to-carry fuel including timber, heat beads or volcanic rock. Plus with its Australian heritage, the Ozpig has been built tough to withstand harsh conditions - with very little maintenance needed. So there's a good chance your Ozpig will outlast you. 

The Ozpig has become part of many Australians' everyday life. It brings a sense of community, welcoming, inspiration and many fond memories. With an Ozpig built for adventure, one for the backyard and the original as a cross-over, there's now an Ozpig for everyone.