The art of smoking has been a long standing objective for us here at Ozpig. With the addition of the Oven-Smoker attachment to our accessory range our goal has been brought to life. The Oven-Smoker brings to the table many versatile ways of cooking from American style low ‘n’ slow, to traditional style roasting, right up to high-heat wood-fired pizzas, even desserts are no problem; it can do it all. 

The Ozpig Smoker Oven has been designed with versatility in mind, for the person who enjoys outdoor cooking; those people looking for affordable quality and flexibility in cooking. Sporting a revolutionary design the oven-smoker captures the real heat, real fire that the Ozpig is famous for and transforms it into real flavour. The hybrid design offers all the benefits found in a vertical smoker with the added advantage of a broad fuel compatibility. Charcoal, briquettes and timber are all perfect choices to provide the long lasting stable temperatures required. 

With a range of accessories designed to help bring out the inner pit-master that exists in everybody you'll soon have the knowledge to produce mouthwatering low n slow smoked meats, reverse seared Wagyu steaks, home made hickory smoked bacon hung from the hanging racks or crispy based pizzas wood-fired to perfection on your own Ozpig pizza stones.