The Ozpig Traveller; it's all in the name. With a low centre of gravity and 4 strong legs the traveller is absolute proof that great things do come in small packages.The Traveller packs down small for an easy fit in the back of the 4WD with the rest of your weekend gear, under bench in the caravan or stowed on the boat. There’s no gas bottle to worry about, and with a 2.5mm thick steel body it’ll stand up to being knocked around in the back of even the roughest 4WD. Whether you’re just trying to up your campfire game and stay warm on a cold night, or you’re a huge fan of cooking on the fire and the great taste that comes with it - the Traveller deserves a spot on your next trip. 


The Traveller has one of the largest top openings you’ll find on a camp stove like this, With an extra large 250x350mm BBQ plate on top, you've got a huge surface area for cooking with even and direct heat from below. Moving the BBQ plate to the side mounts allows you to cook with radiant heat, perfect for slow cooked camp oven stews and casseroles! Removing the top BBQ plate also allows you to put any pot, pan or camp oven directly over the fire for true versatility when cooking. You’re not stuck with the same old BBQ plate while camping anymore! 


The ultimate crossover between a fire pit and wood fired stove. Take the BBQ plate off and stoke up as big of a fire as you like, if the area permits! The key to a good fire is great air flow, so with the BBQ plate on and the door open, the Traveller is primed to crank out buckets of heat. An internal fire grate creates a channel for air to flow freely under the coals of your fire, allowing head to radiate from the full-sized door all night long, keeping you warm and comfortable. The Traveller burns very efficiently in this configuration, you could set it up under an awning, keeping out of the weather and staying warm. Worry less about how much wood you need, and more about how good relaxing by the fire will feel. The Traveller burns efficiently on a range of fuels from scavenged wood, bagged firewood or briquettes for a clean and controllable burn.

If space and weight saving in your vehicle is a concern for you then this pig will prove to be your ultimate travel companion.

Available Compatible Accessories

- Offset chimney

- Cast iron char grill plate

- Extension legs

- Vented door

- Chimney kettle

- Tool rack

- Extra chimney pieces

- Big boar wok

- Rotisserie kit (Coming soon)