Low n Slow simply refers to the heavenly match of low indirect cooking temperatures paired with slow cooking times which transforms even the toughest boot leather-like cut of meat into juicy, gooey, fall apart, melt in the mouth gourmet meats infused with a subtle kiss of wood smoke. The low temperatures combined with the cooking times is needed to break down the connective tissues and melt the collagen. While not technically being an extremely difficult style of cooking you need to have a good understanding of not just the basic cuts of meat but also fire and heat management as well as a good knowledge of how your BBQ performs and responds. The good news is this is all learnt from experience.

While there are no hard and fast rules to the Low n Slow style of cooking there are some basic techniques that are important to be proficient at such as trimming meat, fire management of your smoker, knowing when your meat is cooked is also very important to get great results. Along the way you'll also need to gain an understanding of methods to produce good smoke, matching wood smoke flavours and rubs to certain proteins. But most of all smoking is a great hobby and best enjoyed while experimenting with different flavours and different techniques.