Whether you keep your Ozpig undercover or out in the elements there are a a few steps you can take to stave off rust and keep it looking in tip top condition which means it will live a much longer life. The best form of maintenance is prevention. The following tips give a great guide to keeping the body of your Ozpig in the bet possible condition.

  • If your Ozpig is going to live outdoors cover it up- once it is cold of course. One of our most popular accessories is our custom made cover, available to purchase as an accessory.
  • Regularly remove ash build from up under the internal fire grate, not only does it allow the fire to breathe better but any moisture in the leftover ash can cause rust shortening the life of your Ozpig.
  • Regularly coat the outside of the chamber with a light coat of oil to prevent light surface rust – especially if it’s outdoors for extended periods. We also advise regularly coating all chimney parts with oil using a soft cloth or paper towel. Do this whilst the pig is still warm – but not hot! Canola oil (or similar) in a spray can is the simplest way to give your Ozpig an oil. Doing this regularly will allow a protective coating to develop much like a coating on a camp oven.
  • Caution: Go easy - avoid abrasive cleaners which will damage the finish on your Ozpig which not only looks unsightly but can pave the way for rust to begin developing.

If after all these tips you still have rust or just want to give your Ozpig a new lease on life with a fresh paint job follow our How-to guide to painting your Ozpig here.