This step will sort out a few of the parts that may need to be cleaned up and restored without painting.
Firstly it's a good time to give the inside of your chimney pieces a clean out. Green sappy wood and general soot can quickly reduce the inside diameter of your chimney pieces and affect the draw of your Ozpig meaning your fire may not burn quite as good. This is good to do regularly and not just when you paint it. A lot of times just a quick bang on the ground will shake out any loose stuff enough to do the job. Another method is to give the insides a quick brushing out with a long handled wire brush, it does the job very quickly and can make quite a difference to the performance of your Ozpig. Also it is very important to clean the spark arrestor regularly. 

Give the Ozpig legs and leg extensions a good clean, it's purely cosmetic and dirty legs of course won't affect the performance, but it doesn't take long and certainly makes your pig look super sexy again. We found the best way is to use a nylon polishing brush in a drill. A quick going over removes any gunk that builds up from grease, fat and dirt that may spill out of your cooking. There are other methods that may also work such as polishing and buffing discs,  or other solvents such as kerosene etc. 

Also give the fire grate a bit of a clean up with a wire brush, it's not necessary as it will quickly become dirty, burnt etc but since we are doing everything else, why not.
By far the most important bit to restore is your cooking and warming BBQ plates. They can easily become rusty, dirty and piled up with ash from coals and heatbeads that stick to oil and grease and can be hard to clean. See our easy How-to guide on restoring your BBQ plates back to as new condition here .