Once the paint has dried for a few days you can re-assemble it all, basically in the reverse of how you pulled it apart. Use a can of WD40 or similar and giving a light spray to the thread on the legs and leg extensions, the door hinge and each chimney section join. It will keep the parts free and will make disassembly a breeze next time you want to take it camping. Take care and take your time as heatproof paint is a bit different to regular enamel spray paint in that it doesn't reach full curing strength just by drying so can be damaged easily. It needs to be "baked" on.
Follow the instructions on the can of paint you use but generally you will need to burn the paint in by slowly bringing it up to around 200c and holding at that temp for an hour then allowing to cool. The small parts such as the door, chimney sections etc can be baked in a hooded BBQ but you can also do it by lighting up the Ozpig. It's best to just use twigs and sticks to keep a small fire going and tending to it to keep it at that temp for the full hour. Allow to cool totally and your paint job should be finished. 

To best maintain your Ozpig and keep it looking like new follow our tips in the maintenance section here.