The vented door is a swivel baffle designed door which is made up of 2 doors with stainless steel mesh sandwiched between to stop any embers from falling out of the fire making your Ozpig extremely safe to use, but still allows a great view of the crackling fire. The door is adjusted using your trusty hotplate lifter and gives you full control of your heat by controlling how much oxygen reaches your fire. The vented door is a necessity when using the oven-smoker attachment and is a chefs best friend when indulging in other styles of cooking such as slow cooked stews, frying and baking with camp ovens. For best results be sure to allow your fire to become well established before closing vented door.

**Note: Series 2 Ozpigs are supplied with the mesh door and just requires the vent adjuster to transform it into the vented door.

For some great hints and tips on getting the most out of your vented door see our video below: