The heat diffuser is an extremely handy little tool that is best described as a fire tamer, it's a great way to easily control and distribute the heat from the fire evenly while eliminating hotspots allowing you to continue your meal prep or entertain your dinner guests without having to watch the fire as closely.  It has a detachable handle and sits over the top hole of the Ozpig, underneath your camp oven or frying pan. It is comprised of 2 pieces of metal sandwiched together with a gap between each layer, hundreds of holes allow the heat to seep through evenly and slowly. It really comes into it's own when you are cooking delicate stuff like fish, rice, desserts or for when you want long slow simmers on stews and casseroles or a great tender slow cooked roast. If you find you sometimes burn the bottom of your camp oven stews or scorch your dampers and breads this will really help you take your Ozpig cooking to the next level.
Tip: The diffuser can also be used to make a mean piece of toast, and is also great to heat or toast your tortillas for that perfect bacon and egg wrap or mexican fajita.