The Ozpig wok is a deceptively versatile cooking implement. It provides a much more broader variety of cooking styles than just your traditional Asian stir stir-fry. You can also deep fry, steam, boil as well as bake. The wok flipped upside and used as a lid creates a spectacular little mini oven which is extremely handy for cooking pizzas on the BBQ plate or finishing off meals such as chicken breasts, fish or steaks by providing an even, roasting style heat.

Pizza: Place pizza on BBQ plate with diffuser underneath, flip wok upside down over the pizza leaving a slight gap at the back.

Finishing meals: Place wok upside down over BBQ plate to create a "sealed" oven. Allow food to cook over heat, swivel plate to the side off the heat to cook slower.

Steam: Place a few inches of water inside the wok and bring to a gentle simmer. Sit a steamer basket in the wok so it sits just above the water level. Perfect for steaming dim sims, fish, dumplings etc

Deep Fry: Add oil to the wok and bring to a rapid boil with a very hot fire. Perfect for chips or battered food.

**See video for cooking perfect BBQ plate pizzas using the wok***