When it comes to traditional camp cooking it doesn't get a whole lot more spectacular than cooking in a cast iron camp oven or dutch oven. There's a saying that goes "Everything tastes better in a camp oven" and when you taste it you know instantly that piece of wisdom rings true. A camp oven and an Ozpig is a match made in heaven. With the heat source being directly under the oven it is perfect for all cooking from stewing, roasting and baking and in conjunction with the vented door or a heat bead basket you can regulate the temperature with pure ease. In the past camp oven cooking has meant building a open fire on the ground followed by the back breaking task of shoveling coals, crouching down to stir food and the never-ending smoke in the eyes. The Ozpig solves all these issues by bring the camp oven up to a comfortable cooking level to make it easier and safer.

Tips to get the most from camp oven cooking on your Ozpig:

  • For best results fire up your Ozpig earlier than you need to start cooking, allowing a nice bed of coals to build up will not only give more even heat than just a fire it will also provide you with a bank of coals to put on top of the camp oven to give top heat when roasting or baking.
  • Always pre-heat your camp oven before beginning to cook in it. It is especially important when searing off a roast or baking scones etc.
  • A trivet is a great investment to lift food up off the searing heat of the camp oven base and help prevent burning the bottom, particularly good for roasts, cakes and dampers etc.
  • The heat diffuser is a great tool to drop the heat quickly, place it directly underneath the camp oven and it immediately dulls the direct heat, perfect if the fire has gotten too large after adding more firewood. (Click HERE for more tips on using the heat diffuser).
  • Different styles of cooking require different heat configurations. Some will require heat directly from the bottom others will require a mix of heat from the bottom as well as the top by placing coals or beads on the lid of the camp oven.
  1. Roasting - Requires an even amount of moderate heat from both underneath and on top of the oven. This allows the airflow to be a consistent temperature all round the food cooking it all at the time rate. (Roast meats, vegetables etc).
  2. Baking - Requires top and bottom heat with more heat concentrated on the top to provide browning of the food. (Cakes, bread, desserts etc).
  3. Stewing/simmering - Requires heat directly from below and none on the top, being a wet dish it needs to reach a simmer and stay there while it cooks. ( Stews, casseroles, soups, curries etc).
  • A slow cooked casserole with fall apart tender pieces of meat is easy on the Ozpig by using the side tray to slow cook. (Click HERE for hints and tips about cooking on the side plate).

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