Whether you have the Traveller, Standard or Big pig version the warming plates are always a handy place to sit your cooking utensils, meal ingredients... even a handy spot to place your stubby while stirring the casserole. But there's a whole lot more to the warming plate than just as a storage surface. The warming plates have been designed to make use of the heat transfered from the belly of the Ozpig through contact with the steel plate. This means that not only is the warming plate handy to keep food warm while the rest of the meal cooks it can also be used to slow cook a stew, soup, roast etc in a cast iron or spun steel camp oven. To make the most out of using your warming plates for slow cooking begin by getting your meat browned, the onions sauteed and the stew up to a simmer on top of the Ozpig. Once your meal is at cooking temp then you can simply move the camp oven to the side plate, For best results always maintain contact between the camp oven and side of the Ozpig belly. The heat from the belly of the Ozpig will continue to keep the camp oven and also the warming plate at a perfect temperature to slow cook your meal all afternoon long. Every 30-40 minutes give the camp oven a 180 degree rotation to keep even warmth in the cast iron.

*** TIP: Your meal doesn't need to be simmering away rapidly to be cooking. As long as you have steam when you open the lid then it's doing it's job.***

If you're after a slight bit more heat to help get your food rendered or cooking a bit faster simply scoop a shovel full of coals onto your camp oven lid, or build a larger fire in the belly: the larger the fire in the belly the more heat will be transferred to the warming plate and camp oven.