Versatility is the word that stands out when it comes to Ozpig cooking. While the top cooking port is the go-to surface for most cooking jobs, the inside of the Ozpig belly is an extremely useful heat source for cooking the extra side dishes. Think jacket potatoes, corn cobs, roasted carrots, pumpkin or sweet potato, all this an more can be done inside the belly of all 3 models of Ozpig. Simply take vegetables such as corn cobs, potatoes etc and wrap in 2 layers of foil, place in the belly and allow the heat to do the rest. Of course all your jaffle irons can be used inside the belly just as you would over an open fire. The Big Pig really comes into it's own using this style of cooking as it has a larger area to fit foil trays, camp ovens, cast iron frypans etc. It can be used as a traditional wood fired oven with a couple of different configurations available. Coals can be placed on both sides of the pan for even heat all round (best for when the top isn't being used as a cooking surface). Alternatively, heat can be placed on one side of the pan and the pan rotated regularly, best for when you need more heat to cook on the top cooking port. Potato bakes, cakes, bread, pizzas....let your imagination run wild.

Cooking in the Ozpig Belly Tips:

  • Clear a space away from the hottest coals to place your foil packages to prevent burning,
  • Turn packages often.
  • Add ingredients such as seasonings and butter to packages.
  • Try a caveman steak cooked straight on hardwood coals, it is divine. (never cook it straight on heatbeads).
  • Rotate lots to keep heat even.