Protect your Ozpig investment from the elements with the all-weather custom fit covers. Whether your Ozpig lives in the backyard permanently or whether it has a busy camping life it makes sense to take every step possible to keep it in tip top condition to provide many many years of enjoyable use. Sun, rain, frost, snow and salt can all combine to chip away at your Ozpig and rapidly deteriorate the painted surfaces as well as helping rust to form in moving parts such as the door and chimney pieces. With our weather proof high quality PVC covers you can now take the worry out of Ozpig storage once and for all. Simply slip the cover over and relax with peace of mind in knowing that when you reach for the timber to light your Ozpig it will be spic and span each and every single time. 

The covers feature zippered openings, zippered Smoker port, extended chimney compatibility and enough space to leave your Ozpig fully assembled.

Ozpig Custom Fit Cover S2

Now with room for the side shelf , zipper top opening to attach smoker and zippered chimney top to allow for extended chimney. 

Ozpig Big Pig Custom CoverThis Custom cover fits perfectly over your Big Pig, with a zipper port that you can open to leave your smoker attached.