When it comes to cooking space, bigger is better and you will seriously enjoy the larger surface provided by the larger plate not just for cooking but also for warming. The large tray can be used on the top cooking opening with pins to lock it securely in place or on the side of the Ozpig as a warming tray using the side lugs. On top of your Ozpig it will give you a larger cooking surface for the bigger crowds with maximum heat in the center of the plate.  Using the tray on the side of the Ozpig as a larger warming tray gives you more space on the side to keep food warm or for slow cooking in a camp oven. By ensuring your camp oven is in direct contact with the side of the Ozpig (after the initial browning/frying preparation on the open top) your meals will continue to cook slowly for tender flavoursome results.  The special design sees a greater surface area of the plate in contact with the Ozpig, meaning a greater heat transfer which is just perfect for slow cooking in camp ovens. The plate measures an impressive 340mm x 255mm.