With a little care an maintenance your Ozpig will give many many years of trouble-free use. Use this table as a guide to maintaining your Ozpig and keeping it looking and working in tip top condition.

Maintenance Option
Ozpig BodyCoat with oilEach use while warmCanola spray or oil on a soft cloth
Remove burnt spilt foodAs necessary while coolStiff bristle brush
Remove surface rustAs necessary while coolWire brush/sandpaper (repaint)
Remove ash build-upBefore each useRemove using metal garden spade
Chimney SectionsEnsure free moving partsRegularly especially if exposed to the weatherRemove any rust with wire brush and coat with cooking oil 
LegsLubricate threadOccasionally or whenever setting upRemove any debris from thread with wire brush and coat with lubricant
BBQ PlatesOil and dryEvery useEnsure plates are completely dry and re-oiled after use and before packing away to help prevent rusting
Re-seasonAs neededRemove rust, coat lightly coat with oil, heat until plate wipes clean
Spark ArrestorUnclog soot from holesEach use while coolRemove and tap gently on hard surface then clean with stiff bristle brush

***Caution: Using abrasive cleaners on the Ozpig will damage the finish.***

Chimney Sections: Some timbers will produce sap which can fuse the chimney sections. If this occurs, remove the sections and clean with a stiff wire brush. Then coat the connecting areas with a light spray of oil and rub dry. (Only use seed oils, such as canola oil.) If the Ozpig is being left outdoors for an extended period, the chimney lengths should be removed after use and oiled.

Ozpig Storage: Please ensure your Ozpig is covered if stored outdoors, and that the unit is cold before doing so. Our website showcases a custom cover for purchase if required.