Perfectly juicy, perfectly sticky honey bourbon pork spare ribs. It takes about an hour and a half so is absolutely made for the Ozpig and sitting back with a few cold drinks. Don’t be too hung up on measurements it’ll taste great no matter what. 

Cooking Style: Camp Oven

Cooking Time: 1-1.5 hours


1kg pork spare ribs
4 tablespoons honey
Nip or two Bourbon
1 tablespoon Paprika
Worcestershire sauce
Chilli powder


  1. Pre-heat your Big Boar or other camp oven then add  the ribs and a few solid glugs of Worcestershire sauce. Tip in enough water (you can also use apple juice) to just cover the top of the ribs then mix well. Pop your lid on nice and tight and put the camp oven on the Ozpig fire set up for a nice gentle simmer. Let it simmer for an hour or until the meat is nice and tender. 
  2.  Pop your char grill plate on and give each rib quick grill on both sides, let the flames lick the meat and get a bit of crust happening (if you don’t have a char grill plate it’s the perfect excuse to get one... or you could just fry them a bit on the bbq plate).
  3. Into the remaining liquid add 4 tablespoons of a quality good honey, a nip or two of bourbon, a good heaped tablespoon paprika and a couple pinches chilli powder (more or less to suit your tastes). Stir it all together then add the ribs back in. Return to the heat and continue to cook without the lid. Let it cook until the water has dissolved leave a spicy sticky honey bourbon sauce coating your ribs.