When you first unpack your Ozpig you'll notice the BBQ plates come out of the box with a coat of food grade wax to prevent rust during shipping that needs to be removed before cooking. The wax is quite thick and can take a bit of elbow grease to remove. The most common method is, using a thick pair of leather gloves for safety, give the plates a gentle heat up to soften the wax. Once the wax softens and feels tacky use a flat blade scraper, paint scraper, egg flip or similar and scrape away at the wax. Quite often we get messages from people who think they have scratched and damaged the plate but you are looking to take all the coating off and take your plates back to bare metal leaving it a dull grey colour. Another method is to use a wire brush on your drill or grinder tostrip it back. Once it is back to bare metal you are ready to season. You don't have to remove wax from the bottom of the plate as the fire will burn it off but you can if you wish.
If you've already heated your plates up hot before removing the wax chances are the wax would be now baked on. To remove you can flip the plate upside down over a fire and burn it off before continuing with seasoning. The wax won't hurt you to cook on as it is food grade but it may cause your food to stick to the plates.
Once all the wax is removed you should give the plates a quick wash and dry thoroughly.
Seasoning is as simple as wiping or spraying on a thin coat of cooking oil then baking on over a hot fire or in a hot oven and repeating a few times allowing to cool between coats. For more detailed explanation on seasoning a BBQ plate, CLICK HERE.