Seasoning the BBQ plates provides a two fold advantage, firstly the coating from the seasoning helps prevent any rust forming on the cooking surface and keeps it in optimal condition for contact with food and secondly it creates a nice non stick cooking surface that will make your Ozpig cooking a breeze. The chemistry of laying down seasoning on on a BBQ plate is a two part process of polymerization and carbonization. Begin by wiping a very thin coat of oil over your clean and dry BBQ plate using paper towel or a lint-free cloth (we recommend using Canola or for a harder wearing surface Flaxseed oil). Place the plate over a hot fire and allow to heat up. As the oil heats you'll notice it starts to dry and lose the gloss look, when you rub a paper towel over it the towel will be clean, this means the oil has polymerized. Allow the plate to heat further until it begins to smoke, once the temperature reaches higher than the smoke point of the oil the carbonization process occurs producing a hard tough wearing layer. Remove the plate from the heat and allow to cool, for best results repeat this process 2 or 3 times. Each time will result in another seasoning layer being added. Once cool always finish with a very light coating of oil to protect further from rust.

This seasoning process is the same for new BBQ plates as well as rejuvenating old plates.