The swivel baffle design adjustable vented door brings safety to the forefront while still allowing the ambiance of a relaxing timber fire to shine through. Hot coals and flying embers remain safely contained inside the Ozpig belly while still allowing ample oxygen flow to enable your fire to breathe and heat to escape out the front to keep you warm. Safety isn't the only advantage of upgrading to the vented door, with the swivel adjuster the door becomes a heat control for cooking on top of the stove as well as an extra heat adjustment vent when using the Ozpig oven-smoker allowing you to fine tune the cooking temperatures.

Understanding how the Ozpig oxygen flow works is key to mastering the vented door for cooking. Oxygen is drawn through the door allowing for proper combustion of the timber, the heat and carbon monoxide is then exhausted out the chimney. By slowing down the intake of oxygen through the door ie: closing the door vent, the fire burns slower lowering the heat and conserving fuel. Conversely, opening the vent wider allows better draw and more oxygen to the fire increasing the heat and cooking temperatures.

The vented door works in the same fashion when using the oven-smoker attachment, opening and closing the vent increases and decreases the heat intensity which in turn controls your cooking temperatures.

**Hints & Tips**

  • Having the door wide open and BBQ plate swiveled off when lighting your fire and allowing a coal bed to build will cut down on smoke.
  • It can be helpful to leave door open for a few minutes when placing new unlit timber into the Ozpig belly.

***For safety always we recommend always using your lifting tool to adjust the vent or to open and close the door***