A casserole is the quintessential camping meal. Especially amazing on a cold winters night to warm the pits of the stomach. Brown the meat, throw everything else in and let it all simmer. Stick it on the side plate all afternoon while you play with the kids or catch some fish at camping. Very relaxing way to cook and it’s great to smell the fragrance of the summer casserole drift across your campsite.

Cooking Method: Camp Oven  

Cooking Time: 2-3 hours (the longer the better)


1-1.5kg diced beef

1 or 2 diced onions

Carrots chunky cut

Pumpkin,, cubed

Potatoes, quartered

Sweet potatoes, diced

1.5 cups red wine

2 tablespoons tomato paste

Juice of half lemon

1 cup beef stock

handful chopped parsley


  1. Brown beef in hot oil, add diced onions and cook for a few minutes.
  2.  Add all other ingredients together.
  3. Simmer very slowly for a couple of hours, until meat is tender and casserole has thickened up. (Don't leave out the soft veggie like pumpkin and sweet potato as they break down and thicken the stew and add great flavour)

The heat diffuser or side plate is perfect for long slow cooking of casseroles.

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