This sophisticated blend of herbs and spices produces a timeless pastrami. Black pepper and coriander form the base of this rub combined with other select spices. Brined brisket or corned beef is coated generously with this delicately crafted mix, smoked then sliced thinly to become the centerpiece of the classic Rueben sandwich.

Directions: Shake well. Sprinkle evenly on all sides of the meat. Press on well. Store in a cool dry place.For rub longevity always replace seal after use.

Choosing smoking timber

Pairing the right smoke to provide the perfect balance of harmony with your proteins is an important decision for every pit-master. Look for the correct intensity of smoke to compliment your meat without over powering it. The following chart gives insights into choosing flavour profiles to best suit your proteins. SMOKE CHART

Meat Doneness 

Long gone are the days of poking a roast with a fork as a way of gauging how thoroughly cooked it is. Modern day thermometers have revolutionized cooking allowing you to cook proteins with accuracy to the nearest degree. The following chart provides internal meat temperatures to help you cook your proteins perfectly to suit your tastes. TEMPERATURE CHART 



Juicy tender paper thin slices of corned meat with hints of pepper and coriander floating across the taste buds. We like to use cherry smoke for this one. Great served in a Reuben sandwich.

Cooking Style: Smoker. Low 'n Slow, indirect

Cooking Time: 6-8 hours


Brined Corned beef silverside or Brined brisket

Ozpig Pastrami rub


  1. Coat meat generously with Ozpig Pastrami rub.
  2. Place in Smoker pre heated to 120C (250F).
  3. Allow to smoke until internal temperature reaches 71C (160F).
  4. Remove from the smoker and wrap LOOSELY in aluminium foil with a drizzle of apple cider vinegar.
  5. Continue to cook until internal temperature reaches 85C (185F) for corned silverside or 95(203F) for brisket.
  6. Allow to cool and slice very thinly (thinner the better).

Reuben Sandwich

An all time classic American Deli sandwich. Layer upon layer of paper thin sliced pastrami, melted Swiss cheese, tangy Sauerkraut topped with Russian dressing sandwiched between thick sliced Rye bread and grilled to crunchy perfection.

Cooking Style: Char Grill

Cooking Time: 10 minutes


Pastrami, thinly sliced

Swiss Cheese slices


Rye bread, sliced thick (Any thick sliced bread can be substituted)

Russian Dressing (substitute with Thousand island dressing)


  1. Butter 2 pieces of bread on both sides.
  2. Layer a thick slab of thinly sliced pastrami then top with Swiss cheese.
  3. Finish with a layer of sauerkraut and drizzle with dressing.
  4. Top with second slice of bread.
  5. Grill over the hot Ozpig grill turning regularly and basting with more butter until golden brown and crisp.

***Ranch dressing is also a delicious substitute for Thousand island dressing***