Find quick answers and help to our most commonly asked questions.

General Ozpig Questions

Q: How do I keep my Ozpig rust free?

A: Keep Ozpig dry and out of the weather either under a roof, awning or using an Ozpig weather proof cover. Spray lightly all over every use of two with a spray oil. This applies to the Ozpig body and also BBQ plates.
Click for more detailed information. 

Q: How do I make a smoke free fire?

A: Always use good quality dry, well seasoned hardwood timber. Correct size pieces and keeping the Ozpig door and BBQ plate open while coals are being established are keys to a smoke free fire. Click for more detailed information.

Q: How do I separate stuck chimney pieces?

A: Prevention is key with the chimney, coat with a spray of WD40 when assembling and keep out of the weather as much as possible. If you have chimney pieces hard to separate trying spraying with WD40 and allowing to soak for a few hours before removing. Tap gently with a blunt object to loosen any rust. Heat from a propane torch can also help to loosen stuck pieces.

Q: How do I remove rust from my Ozpig or BBQ plates?

A: Clean off excess rust with a wire brush, scourer, steel wool or a buffing wheel on a grinder, taking the surface back to bare metal. Clean well then season with a light coat of oil then heat until oil smokes. Cool and repeat. Click for more detailed information. Click for more detailed information.

Q: How do I remove the wax coating from BBQ plates?

A: Heat gently to soften the wax then scrape the wax of using a flat blade scraper or scrub with scourer. A wire brush on a drill also works great.

Q: What is the difference between S1 and S2 Ozpig?

A: The main difference is the S2 Ozpig has a re-designed chimney take-off to allow for better draw. The S2 also comes standard with extension legs, vented door and extra large BBQ plate.

Q: Do you sell replacement parts?

A: Yes we sell a range of replacement parts not listed on our website such as legs, fire-grates etc. Email us at for more information or to order.

Q: What comes included with my Ozpig?

A: For a full list of included parts in each package click HERE

Q: How do I keep warm with my Ozpig?

A: Try to create a sheltered area to keep warm in with minimal wind or use a windbreak. Open front door wide and crack the top BBQ plate open to build a bigger fire if conditions and rules allow.

Q: What size chimney does the Ozpig use?

A: The Standard and Traveller Ozpigs both use 2 inch chimneys while the Big Pig is a 3 inch chimney.

Q: Can Ozpig be used indoors?

A: No! The Ozpig is designed to be used outdoors in a well ventilated area. We do not recommend indoor use as the carbon monoxide that is put out can be fatal. Click for important safety information.

Q: My rotisserie motor won't turn on is it broken?

A: Inside the battery compartment of the motor are steel tabs that make contact with the batteries. Occasionally these can be bent in too far to make the contact needed. Try bending the tabs out slightly to make the batteries a snug fit. If this fails to solve your issue contact Ozpig.

Q: Where can I buy your products?

A: You can find a retailer in your area by typing your postcode into the following link on our website Alternatively you can order online direct from Ozpig on this link.

Q: How much does an Ozpig cost?

A: You can find the RRP of an Ozpig and available accessories on the following link

Q: Where is the Ozpig designed and manufactured?

A: The Ozpig is designed in Australia and manufactured in China.

Q: Do you ship to the UK?

A: We can ship to the UK but postage can be rather expensive. For further enquiries email us at

Q: Do you offer Zip Pay?

A: Yes we do. See here for more information.

Q: How do I prepare my Ozpig for it's first use?

A: When using your Ozpig for the first time it is important that you burn the paint in. Start with a small fire using just twigs and kindling and allow to heat up. Slowly increase the fire size over the space of a couple hours. It is important not to touch the paint during the first burn in as when it is heated until when the baking process is complete it will be soft and can be rubbed off. Click for more detailed information. 

Q: How do I upgrade my door? My vent adjuster does not fit?

A: Unfortunately there was a missed step in the instructions. You must first remove the nut  from the S2 vented door before fitting the adjuster.

Q: Can I use my warming plate for cooking on?

A: Yes you can use your warming plate to cook on. The warming plate and BBQ plate are made of the same material, the difference being handle placement allowing for easier lifting and swivelling of the plate with the lifting tool. You will need to season your plate and then you can start cooking. 



Ozpig Traveller Specific Questions

Q: What is the difference between the standard Ozpig and the Traveller Ozpig?

A: The Traveller pig was designed for the space conscious traveller to throw easily into the back of the 4wd or caravan boot. Packed down it takes up less space and is lighter than the standard Ozpig. It has a smaller diameter body but is longer in length with a rectangle top opening. 

Q: Does the Traveller chimney kettle fit the standard Ozpig.

A: Yes

Q: Does the rotisserie fit the traveller?

A: No. At this stage the traveller doesn't have a compatible rotisserie.

Q: Does the vented door fit the Traveller.

A: Yes the vented door is fully Traveller compatible.

Q: Does the offset fit the Traveller?

A: Yes the standard Ozpig offset is fully compatible with the traveller.

Oven-Smoker Questions

Q: Where do I put the Oven-Smoker chimney cap?

 A: The chimney cap goes on the Ozpig chimney, the Oven-Smoker chimney is left open and is used to control temperatures.

Q: How do I get my smoking timber to smoke and not catch fire?

A: Best way is to clear a small space at the front of the firebox and place a small chunk of smoking timber so it isn't in contact with any flames or coals. Close the vented door. Click for more detailed information. 

Q: Does the Oven-Smoker fit the Traveller?

A: Unfortunately no the Oven-Smoker is not compatible with the Traveller.

Q: How do I clean my pizza stones?

A: Simply scrape or brush any loose or burnt toppings off the stone. Never use water or submerge in liquid as it can cause the stone to crack.

Q: How much meat will fit in the smoker?

A: When cooking a large lump of meat about 3kg is about the limit per rack. Be aware that filling a shelf right up may affect the air circulation increasing cooking times.

Q: How do I secure the smoker to the Ozpig?

A: The smoker is simply placed on top of the standard pig inside the top opening, no securing is required. When using the smoker with the Big Pig use the screw down clamp that is supplied with the Smoker adapter plate.

Q: How do I prepare my Ozpig Oven-Smoker for it's first use?

A: When using your Ozpig Oven-Smoker for the first time it is important that you burn the paint in. Start with a small fire using just twigs and kindling and allow to heat up with the oven door wide open. Slowly increase the fire size over the space of a couple hours. It is important not to touch the paint during the first burn in as when it is heated until when the baking process is complete it will be soft and can be rubbed off. After a couple hours burn in a light coat of cooking spray can be sprayed around inside the smoker chamber.

Q: Why is my thermometer reading incorrectly?

A: Firstly give the nut on the back of the thermometer a loosen, sometimes it can prevent the needle from moving freely. If that is not successful, chances are it's in need of a good clean. It’s important to clean it every cook or two as the smoke and moisture causes build-up on the probe very quickly and that can dramatically affect the temperature readings. It’s as simple as wiping the probe over with a damp cloth and rubbing any coating off very gently with a nylon scourer.

Q: What is spritzing?

A: Spritzing is a technique using liquid in a spray bottle to lightly mist the smoking meat. Spritzing can help parts of the meat drying out and also help bark form by keeping a moist surface. Liquid can be anything from water to stock to vinegar or fruit juices.

Q: What is wrapping? 

A: Also referred to as the Texas crutch, meat is wrapped in foil or butchers paper once it is halfway cooked and has developed a nice colour and bark. Wrapping helps speed up cooking by trapping in heat and to tenderize and retain moisture. The trade off is that bark and texture may be affected by the steaming action.