Soft tender juicy pillows of beef sitting atop the bone. Beef ribs are one of the classic smoking cuts of meat, we recommend trimming any fat and removing or scoring the membrane.

Cooking Style: Smoker/Indirect

Cooking Time: 6-9 hours


Beef short rib racks

Ozpig beef rub

Spritz liquid


  1. Trim off any loose bits of meat and remove any fat from the top of the ribs.
  2. Flip the rack over and remove membrane or score a criss cross shape slicing through the membrane.
  3. Apply an even coat of rub on all sides of the rib rack.
  4. Smoke indirect in the smoker at 120-150C (250-300F) with your favourite smoking timber (Cherry, ironbark are great options).
  5. Spritz with water or cider vinegar (or your favourite spritzing liquid)after 2 hours or if looking dry on the surface.
  6. Once internal temperature reaches 73-76C (165-170F) you can either wrap to speed up the cooking or allow to finish unwrapped.
  7. Once internal temperature reaches 93C (200F) begin probing with a skewer to check for tenderness. If the skewer pushes in with no resistance you can consider the ribs cooked. If the meat still feels a little tight place back in smoker and check every 15-20 minutes.
  8. Allow to rest minimum of 1 hour before serving.