A very underrated cut of beef, Oyster blade comes from just below the shoulder blade and is a great all-rounder for roasts, steaks and really shines as a low n slow cut. A big seam of collagen runs through the middle of it and once broken down after a low n slow cook turns to into moist, juicy, gelatinous heaven, best described as a cross between a brisket and a beef cheek. The picture to the right shows an Oyster blade cross section containing the collagen seam. The Oyster blade has a layer of fat and tough silver-skin so a good trim up before cooking allows the meat to excel. Check out our smoked Oyster Blade recipe HERE

Trimming the top

Using a sharp boning knife remove all the fat, the fat will come off quite easy as it isn't attached very firmly to the layer of silver-skin beneath it. Once the fat is gone you are left with a hard tough layer of silver-skin which can be rubbery to eat and stops rub and smoke penetrating the meat. Slide the blade of your knife under the skin and keeping the sharp edge angled up slightly you can slide the knife along removing just the silver-skin and leaving the meat behind. Continue until all fat and silver-skin is gone. Trim off any loose straggly bits of meat.

Trimming the bottom

The bottom contains a thick leathery layer of silver-skin. Remove all of this by running your knife underneath the skin taking care not to remove any meat.