Juicy gelatinous tender beef that can best be described as a cross between a brisket and a beef cheek.

Cooking Style: Low n Slow/Indirect

Cooking Time: 6-8 hours


1 whole Oyster blade roast

Ozpig beef rub

Beef stock


  1. Trim the Oyster blade as instructed in the video HERE
  2. Coat evenly on all sides with Ozpig beef rub.
  3. Prepare smoker for indirect smoking at 120-150C (250-300F)
  4. Smoke with cherry, ironbark or other favourite smoking timber spritzing every hour or so until internal temperature of 73C+ (165F+) is reached,
  5. Wrap in aluminium foil with hot beef stock and continue to cook until internal temperature of 93C (200F) is reached. Probe with a skewer and continue to cook until skewer can be pushed into the meat with no resistance. (allow to cook until falling apart for pulled beef).
  6. Allow to rest for 1 hour minimum before slicing or pulling.